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Yuletide Letter - 2011

Dear Yuletide Writer:

Hi! I'm an oddball with eclectic tastes, and if you've been assigned to write for me, please be aware that I'll be happy with just about anything you might come up with. I like gen, m/m, f/f, m/f, One True Bromance, anti-heroes… Tell you what, I'll just cut and paste from a few previous letters, and save us both some time. You'll find those at the end of this post.

Take a deep breath and remember – optional details are optional.

Please avoid any child abuse, spousal abuse, explicit violence against animals or the like. I have a hard time with those. If it is a part of the canon or character canon, you can address it, but please avoid explicit details.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things


Commander Badass

This is a webcomic about, well, to quote Commander Badass: "An agency to help ludicrously macho guys reacclimatize to society." It's not a very long webcomic, and I find it hilarious. If you've never run into it, it doesn't take very long to read it all, and I highly recommend it – especially if you're familiar with ludicrously macho video game characters.

I nominated and requested this fandom this year because, while the webcomic pokes fun at all the tropes and easily recognizable characters, it also loves them. The love is the most important part of the fun-poking, and I've love to see more of it. The original characters, like the Commander, Jonesy, Madeline and the kids are all warm and wonderful. Aaaand then there's Jared and Mr. Fish, for those of you who enjoy Pokemon – or even those of you who don't.

In any case, I dearly love this webcomic and would truly enjoy seeing just a day in the life of Commander Badass… or anything else that would fit the tone, flow and engaging style of the original webcomic. Sky's pretty much the limit here, though I will note that if you decide to write about Jared and Mr. Fish, I'd really prefer to see them in a minor, supporting role. I love 'em, but Jared's family makes me sad.

Mind Storm – by KM Ruiz


Threnody Corwin
Quinton Martinez

This book is one I have a rather too intimate acquaintance with. Seriously. Imagine me, shaking my fist at the author, 'cause I am. It's a dark book, but I still enjoy it a great deal, largely because I love the characters so much.

Did I mention that it's kinda dark?

I'm really looking for a story centering on Jason and Quentin. I love Threnody and Kerr, mind you, and do want a story including all four, but my heart belongs to Jason and Quentin.

As long as those four have a central role, you can mix in any other characters you choose. I'm really curious to see other people see in this story, so I'm wildly curious to what you might come up with and will love it, no matter what it might be!

The Parasol Protectorate

Lord Conall Maccon
Alexia Tarabotti
Professor Lyall

I've just started this series and, quite honestly, as long as it retains the flavor of the novels, I'll be happy with just about anything, and you can mix and match the characters as much as you like… as long as Ldall and Floote are in a large and main role. I wouldn't mind seeing a story including any of the characters I did not list – again, as long as Lyall and Floote have large roles. I think the secondary characters in this series, particularly those in support roles, are awesome.

Please no Alexia/Conall porn, or at least not as the center of the story. I don't mind porn, but I prefer it as seasoning to the whole, not the thing entire.

Ghost Ship (2002)


Maureen Epps

Okay, I love Epps. I do. There isn't a character in this movie that I don't love, however – even if I do cherish fond images of smacking Greer upside the head for his lack shenanigans. Yes it is cheating, even if she's dead. What the hell, man?

I'd like a story about Epps after the events of Ghost Ship. What has she done, where has she gone, how is she surviving, etc etc. I would, however, settle very happily for adventures with the crew of the Arctic Warrior; pre-encounter with the Graza. Heck, write whatever the hell you want, just keep Epps her badass self. AU adventures with a Ghost Ship in space, Dancing with the Ghosts, Haunted Regency Romance, Maureen Epps; Vampire/Zombie/Sharktopus slayer….

Do not click the following link if you don't want a million spoilers.

I'll freely admit that my favorite scene in the entire thing is a scene we like to call Satan's Dominoes. Make of that what you will.

Go nuts. I will love it.

Now, to random likes and dislikes:

"Let me begin with the fact that I'm okay with just about any sort of relationship you may choose to write, as long as it isn't flat, outright abuse. I have no hangups regarding same sex or opposite sex pairings, power and control or the rest of it - as you might surmise from the first fandom I chose (circa 2008 requests), but I like to be specific. I prefer stories where everyone is an adult and the characterizations, relationships and story are fairly complex. I'm a plot and characterization whore and while I also like porn, porn without plot is something I'd prefer to avoid, if possible. (I'll still take it and read it and be happy with it, but it's not exactly what I'm after.) Gen fic, slash fic, het fic - I don't care. Tell the story you'd like to tell - that's what I'm after.

I like: Plot. Convolution. Unexpected dramatic twists. Strangeness. Quirkiness. Dry or deadpan humor. Tattoos. Horror. Relationships beyond the expected. The buckling of swashes. Non-traditional romantic gestures. Giant squid. Explosions. Platonic relationships. Family ties. Vivid moments. Trippy soap opera plot twists. Snakes. Humor. Drippy wax candles. Campy horror flicks. True friends. Somewhat questionable sanity. The color grey. Tim Gunn. Fine cuisine.

I don't like: Deliberately abusive relationships of any stripe, be they familial, sexual or platonic (I can handle them as plot element without issue, but not as the main focus of a story). Porn without plot."

- 2008

"This year, my requests are heavily slanted to the horror side of the scale. I'm not as interested in relationships as I am in situations (although I do love relationships as part of the situation - deeply). I like survival horror, characters of moral ambiguity and people driven to actions that they normally would never contemplate. I like the struggle for life, for victory, for revenge and for personal peace.

I'm big on conflict."

- 2009

"The only real, heartfelt request that I have overall is that the story have plot and be, preferably, gen or plot-centric. I’m okay with romance and also with porn of any flavor – but I really like it to be either a part of the plot or secondary to the plot. Plot. Plotplotplot. I just like the word, okay?!"

- 2010
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